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My name is John R. Dundon II, Enrolled Agent # 00085353EA (IRS PTIN: P00605639)

My professional focus is to bring clarity to the US Tax Code for taxpayers everywhere.  I am a problem solver and a protector of taxpayer’s rights. I monitor federal and state taxing authorities and report on relevant tax topics in this well subscribed tax blog using plain terms for general understanding – subscriptions are complimentary.

I have a vast network of friends specializing in business services from tax law to accounting to bookkeeping and find myself routinely connecting good people together to engage in varied ways from efficiently reconciling disputes to establishing new entities to charting compliance paths.

I am a Fellow of the National Tax Practice Institute and my services are for hire exclusively for complicated tax matters unless of course you are a friend or family as I am always happy to help.

As a Federally Authorized Tax Practitioner and a tax appeals specialist my clients are quite literally all over the planet.  I work for U.S. taxpayers everywhere to resolve tax matters and de-escalate stress about taxes or tax disputes for both individuals and corporations with federal and/or state issues.

Although I am not an Attorney my enrollment with the United States Department of Treasury to practice before the Internal Revenue Service allows for confidential conversation to take place between me and my clients for most all civil tax matters.

I graduated the University of Minnesota Carlson School Of Management MBA Program in 1992 where I studied about the IRS and business tax in depth.

I also graduated with a B.S. degree in Business Administration from Marquette University in 1986 and currently serve as the President Emeritus of the Colorado Society of Enrolled Agents and on the Membership Committee of the National Association of Enrolled Agents.

In my spare time I am raising a young family with my wife Cathy.  I also enjoy many sports both competitively and for recreation including: skiing, biking, rowing, hockey, and golf as well as picking up one of my guitars now and again to see how much talent has been lost.

In a perfect world I would spend my mornings hiking in the foothills; my afternoons napping with my dog in a hammock and my evenings brewing beer and singing songs around a campfire.


  • I listen very carefully to each taxpayer encountered.
  • I read, write and speak in depth about a wide range of tax topics.
  • I am an IRS Examination/Collection/Appeals Specialist.
  • I unravel the most complicated of tax matters.
  • I coach taxpayers that are defending themselves against the IRS.
  • I negotiate reasonable settlements with the taxing authorities.
  • I bring people to compliance with their tax obligations.
  • I am an IRS Certifying Individual Taxpayer Identification Number Acceptance Agent
  • I am an IRS Electronic Return Originator
  • I am a Drake Tax Software Licensee 2004-present
  • I am a MN Supreme Court Alternative Dispute Resolution Neutral – Mediator #4093
  • I have practical living experience of the entire business life cycle from inception to dissolution.
  • I am President of the Colorado Society of Enrolled Agents. Additionally I have a vast network of tax practitioner friends through my other active memberships in the National Association of Enrolled Agents, Public Accountant Society of Colorado, and the National Association of Tax Professionals
  • I assign tax based tangible book value for small businesses, LLC\’s, Sub-Chapter S corporations, and partnerships.
  • I provide expert tax testimony.
  • I have experience with tax law relevant to Chapter 7 and 11 bankruptcy.
****If interested in receiving a free quote to resolve your tax matters today please either email me or if you are truly serious about retaining my professional services and seek immediate relief you may call my personal cell phone 720-234-1177****