Defining Passive Activity Between Spouses – Beyond the Bedroom: What Is Material Participation?

One would imagine this is the script to a low budget B-rated film by the title, it is not. But if it got you reading all the better because you may want to know about my friends, a professionally successful

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Why is Halloween So Scary – 2015 Tax Planning Will Be Hugely Complicated and Profoundly Significant for most ALL Taxpayers

Once again another year is almost behind us and right after the new year income taxes are coming. The forthcoming tax environment is extraordinarily unusual and can subsequently be very scary. Basically what you need to know is that ALL Americans

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What is the best Business Structure to form If Any?

What I love most about Colorado, more than the 300+ days of sun every year and the glorious rocky mountains, are the people.  For the most Coloradans are risk taking job creators, starting new businesses from scratch out of their

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Odujinrin v. IRS Commissioner Reinforces the Significance of Engaging a Reputable Enrolled Agent

In Wole Odujinrin v. IRS Commissioner the petitioner, a hematology oncologist who represented himself, did not have adequate substantiation to support his petition and was not entitled to claim a net operating loss. He was also liable for an accuracy-related penalty

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How to Calculate Basis of a Primary Residence Converted to Rental Property [Reg. §1.168(i)-4(b)] [Reg. §1.165-9(b)(2)]

Many people have built impressive residential real estate portfolios one property at a time, living in the property while fixing it up thus declaring it their primary residence for income tax purposes and then moving onto a new house to

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Worker Classification & the Colorado Department of Labor & Employment CRS 8-70-115

This post is about my experiences with C.R.S. 8-70-115 as they pertain to the Colorado Employment Security Act of 2013.  First off let me start by saying that there are some really good hard working bureaucrats paid by our tax dollars working

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Tax Implications of US Expatriation; Internal Revenue Code 877A

I was brought in on another interesting file this week involving a US Citizen seeking expatriating that I was strongly advised to run away from by my mentors and friends simply because it is easy to paint a picture of prospective

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New Information on US – Canada Income Tax Treaty

There are a LOT of people from Canada in Denver, Colorado where I spend the majority of my time as a student of the US tax code.  Many dual citizens got stung by the reasonably new US FBAR tax laws

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What is an FTE? What is a Seasonal Employee?

My friend, confidant, mentor and expert in the procedural ramifications of ObamaCare, Debbie Nash of D. Nash & Associates, got to talking with me about some of the nuances of this legislation and our discussion quickly digressed into what the

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Tax Considerations When Supporting Parents

As I have been helping my Mom transition into life as a widow many interesting facts have begun to resonate. Particularly intriguing for me today under Regs. §1.2-2(b)(4) parent(s) can be claimed as a dependent if you meet the usual support, citizenship,

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