Foreign Tax Credit (FTC) A Drill Down into IRS Form 1116

With all the political rhetoric about borders and boundaries circulating these days by 'news media' outlets the fact of the matter is US Taxpayers are increasingly working and living abroad everyday. With that trend comes the fact that taxpayers and tax

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Foreign Earned Income Exclusion (FEIE): Drill Down into IRS Form 2555

We get all sorts of fascinating questions from established US Taxpayers as well as those experiencing internationalism for the first time. It seems regardless of the degree of sophistication in US income tax filing obligations most people are out to

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Foreign Business Entity Classification: The Risk of Doing Nothing

As my friend Brian Dooley points out when it comes to international tax compliance the US is indeed a sought after tax haven for non US Taxpayers. Money just tends to quietly flow into the USA - ALL THE TIME!

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Top 25 International Tax Questions

Please feel welcome in the USA. Fear NOT the paper tiger that is the US Tax Code or the rhetoric of pantywaist politicians! Much of maintaining compliance with the US Tax Code distills down to understanding among other things these 3

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AVOID PENALTIES – Get Income Tax Extension Requests Filed & Estimated Income Taxes Paid

Remember your US Income Tax extension request is ONLY for additional TIME to FILE your tax forms, your income tax payments, estimated or otherwise, are still due April 18th 2016. Most US Taxpayers forget that income tax payments are due in April, even if

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Research Tax Credits and QRE’s: IRS Form 6765

Being married to a fermentation biologist has allowed me access to a wide swath of fascinating experiments involving media from bio-fuels to home brew. So no matter how many esoteric Internal Revenue Codes I vamp up in public or in social gatherings-like an

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Colorado Tax Update & Top 10 Hacks To Streamline the Filing Process

My friends at the Colorado Department of Revenue Tax Division have been hard at work amending and repealing several different personal and corporate income tax regulations with a handful of notable mentions for non-residents and part year residents alike. The absolute

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Deliberate Tax Free Compounding is the Secret of the Golden Flower

I am getting to be an old man now and so profoundly thankful that the lessons of tax-free compounding were impressed upon me at an early age. It has made a huge difference in my financial well being and subsequent

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Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes (PATH) Act of 2015 – A Summary

Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes Act of 2015 (PATH) summarized by my friend Shirley Callahan EA. Some highlights include: Everyone will appreciate the permanency of the enhanced Educator Expenses, the Sales Tax deduction, and the R&D Credit. Section 179 is made

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Year End Tax Planning for Individuals

It is indeed that time of year again, the holidays for many of us, year end tax planning for tax geeks like me and my team. It seems like every tax practitioner is coming out with their year end comments.

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