Tax day is upon us – remember to at least get you application for automatic extension request electronically filed or post marked today using IRS Form 4868

Keep in mind this extension request is for additional TIME TO FILE the income tax forms.  It is NOT a request for an extension of TIME TO PAY income taxes due.

Tax year 2016 income tax payments must be postmarked on or before April 18th 2017 to avoid penalization for late payment, unless you are experiencing a hardship.

Be sure to include estimated payments with your extension request.

If you or your spouse (when filing a joint return) are experiencing hardship you can file for an extension of time to pay as well using IRS Form 1127-A

If you are interested in addressing 2016 federal and/or state estimated income payments to submit with your extension request, please feel welcome to contact me.  My team and I will walk you through the steps, gratis.

We’re also happy to electronically file extension requests for you as you see fit.  Simply contact us,

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