First of all make sure you find an IRS Certifying Acceptance Agent (CAA) that has completed the newly required forensic training. The required forensic training should aid in identifying fraudulent identification documents.

CAAs will be allowed to certify documents for the primary and secondary applicant (spouse) using Form W7 Certificate of Accuracy that they have reviewed the original documentation or a certified copy from the issuing agency of those documents, either through face-to-face or video electronic interviews. They will have to attach and send to the IRS copies of all documentation reviewed. For dependents, CAAs will be required to submit the original documents or copies certified by the issuing agency.

The links below provides information regarding these requirements.

You can also find the news release and other information on or click these links: or

The direct contact at the IRS for these matters is:

Tonya White

ITIN Policy Office, Tax Analyst

Internal Revenue Service

401 W. Peachtree Street NW

Mail Stop 97WI

Atlanta, GA  30308

Phone:(404) 338-7160


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