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The ‘Fiscal Cliff’ and Your Tax Obligations

Our esteemed President has proven to me to be extraordinarily disingenuous with his statements about the middle class and their purported tax obligations as pretty much everyone’s taxes will go up in 2013 as a direct result of the cumulative efforts of our ‘elected officials’ over the last few days.  Please don’t get me wrong…


S Corp Late Filing Penalty Excused IRC 6699 Ensyc Technologies v. Commissioner

Considering the scope of the reasonable cause language to the Code Sec. 6699 penalty for late filing of an S corporation return, the Tax Court determined that the failure to timely file a 2008 2008 1120-S tax return was due to reasonable cause not subject to penalty in Ensyc Technologies v. Comm’r, T.C. Summary 2012-55 (6/14/12). The following…


Moving Expenses and Military Duty – IRS Publication 3, Armed Forces Tax Guide Vs. IRS Publication 521, Moving Expenses

According to IRS Publication 3, Armed Forces Tax Guide if you are a member of the Armed Forces on active duty and you move because of a permanent change of station, you do not have to meet the distance and time tests, addressed in IRS Publication 521, Moving Expenses. You deduct moving expenses that were not…


YIKES! IRS Issues Proposed Regulations on New 3.8% Net Investment Income Tax

A new Net Investment Income Tax goes into effect starting in 2013. The 3.8 percent Net Investment Income Tax applies to individuals, estates and trusts that have certain investment income above certain threshold amounts. The IRS and the Treasury Department have issued proposed regulations on this new Net Investment Income Tax. I’m going to pour over…


IRS Can Levy More Than 15% of Social Security Benefits According to Bowers V. US

The distinction of how this is possible distills down to understanding the nuanced difference between a ‘Continuous’ and a ‘One Time’ IRS tax levy. Under Code Sec. 6331(h) once a tax levy is approved, the effect of the levy on specified payments received by a taxpayer is continuous from the date the levy is first made…


Are You A Trader or an Investor? Van Der Lee v. Commissioner TC Memo 2011-234

While many individual taxpayers claim to be traders in securities as compared to investors, in Henricus C. van der Lee, et ux. v. Commissioner TC Memo 2011-234 we learn in my humble opinion that the facts and circumstances of each and every specific taxpayer’s operation must be reviewed to make a proper determination in these regards. The bottom line…


Tax Treatment of Charitably Donated Artwork

Please refer to IRC 170 as well as Publication 526, Charitable Contributions (PDF), Publication 561, Determining the Value of Donated Property (PDF), and Publication 1771, Charitable Contributions Substantiation and Disclosure Requirements (PDF) for detailed information on charitable contributions. This is what I’ve learned about issues involving charitable contributions of artwork that tax examiners focus on: 1. The charitable contribution deduction for artwork by Art…


IRS Standards for Continuing Education Providers and Accrediting Organizations

The Internal Revenue Service announced the standards to become an IRS-approved Continuing Education (CE) Provider and the requirements to become an IRS CE Accrediting organization.  The guidance paves the way for the implementation of new CE requirements for certain tax return preparers starting next year. Individuals who are required to take the Registered Tax Return…