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Ranking Tax Debt in Bankruptcy

According to IRS Publication 908, Bankruptcy Tax Guide, generally the automatic stay rules prevent a creditor from taking actions to collect debts incurred before a bankruptcy petition is filed. However automatic stay rules do not universally apply. Exceptions include an IRS exam to determine tax liability, a demand for tax returns, IRS notice of deficiency issuance, assessing tax…


Exemption from IRS Filing in Bankruptcy

Here is the hard part, to qualify: 1. The corporation must have ceased business operations and must have neither assets nor income for the tax year. 2. The exemption request must be submitted to the local IRS Insolvency office handling the case. For the appropriate address to mail the request to call (800) 973-0424 The request…


What is a Dependent Qualifying Relative?

According to IRS Publication 501, Exemptions, Standard Deductions and Filing Information. a dependent qualifying relative can be any person who lives with you all year, is not a qualifying child of another taxpayer, and someone for whom you provided over half of his or her support whose gross income for the year is less than the exemption amount…


IRS Form 3949-A Information Referral – PROBLEMS

After it was learned that thousands of identity theft ‘Information Referrals’ reported on IRS Form 3949‑A were not being processed the Treasury Secretary General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) investigated and published a report (#2012-40-106) essentially stating that the “process for individuals to report suspected tax law violations is not efficient or effective.” It seems to in fact have…


IRS Restrictions on Contacting Taxpayers

I’ve worked with many good people inside the IRS on a wide variety of cases. So please do not get me wrong I’m not bashing ALL IRS employees. However like any big bloated bureaucracy I’ve also worked with some real shit heads inside the IRS who take their orders to advocate on behalf of the…


IRS Publication 503 – Dependent Care Expenses

A taxpayer came to me today for verification on dependent care expenses. Their basic profile may be similar to yours. A husband and wife with two children in day care. The wife is a full time student that does not work outside of the house. The husband was laid off from his former job and…