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IRS Levy Release Overview

The IRS it seems is issuing liens and levies with substantial gusto lately. I’ve grown reasonably skilled at getting these burdens timely released and felt compelled this evening to share some of my experiences in this blog post. A levy on a bank account attaches only to funds in your account at the time the bank processes…


Income Tax Based Financial Statements

Enrolled Agents generally tend to avoid preparing financial statements for their business clients due to the regulation of the CPA profession where preparation of these statements has been associated with services enrolled agents were not permitted to perform. However I believe it is not a violation of US Treasury Circular 230 for Enrolled Agents to prepare income tax-based financial…


Net Operating Loss Carry Over and Carry Back – IRS Publication 536 – IRC 172 + 6511

Generally speaking a net operating loss (NOL) for any tax year may be carried back two years and forward 20 years under Internal Revenue Code Sec. 172(b)(1)(A). A three-year carry back period applies to NOLs arising from property losses of individuals due to fire, storm, shipwreck, or other casualty, or from theft. It also applies to small businesses (average…


IRS Accuracy Related Penalties

The IRS may impose a twenty percent accuracy-related penalty if it determines that there is a substantial understatement of income tax according to IRC 6662. You may avoid all or part of the penalty by showing that: (1) you acted in good faith, (2) the understatement was based on substantial authority, or (3) there was a reasonable basis for…


How to Report a Foreclosure to the IRS

A foreclosure on rental property technically involves the sale of the property back to the lender. Form 1099-A Acquisition or Abandonment of Secured Property reports that the lender has repossessed or foreclosed on the property. Box 2 is the amount of the outstanding mortgage debt, and box 4 is the fair market value of the property. If the value of the…


IRS Form 8952 – Voluntary Worker Classification Settlement Program

I received an interesting call today from a small business employer who was reported to the IRS by a disgruntled past worker who claimed that he was paid as an independent contractor (and received IRS Form 1099) when in actuality he believed himself to be an employee (that should have received IRS Form W-2) for…


Who Should I Hire To Do My Taxes?

We all know there are good and bad people everywhere, both inside the IRS and in the tax practitioner community alike.  Routinely readers of this blog report specific and egregious allegations of tax practitioner misconduct in violation of United States Treasury Department Circular 230. It really is tragic but these are the pitfalls of an…