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IRS Voluntary Worker Classification Settlement Program: Apply using IRS Form 8952

The Internal Revenue Service launched a new program that will enable many employers to voluntarily reclassifying their workers in an effort to resolve past worker classification issues. It is called the Voluntary Classification Settlement Program (VCSP). This new program will allow employers the opportunity to make a minimal payment covering past payroll tax obligations rather than waiting…


Basis Calculation

Under §165, in general, the basis of a partnership interest equals the sum of the amount of money contributed, the partner’s share of partnership liabilities and the partner’s distributive share of partnership income and losses. How to compute the adjusted basis of the partnership interest when there is an initial contribution to the partnership, followed by a large distributed loss that exceeds the partner’s…


Refurbishing Real Estate for Resale is (usually) Taxed as Ordinary Income

According to Tax Court Memo 2010-261, a husband and wife purchased real estate, refurbished it and reported the sale on Form 4797. They contended the homes were purchased for use as rentals; however, over the three-year period at issue, none of the homes were rented. The IRS determined that in actuality the couple was in the business of refurbishing…


Who is a Professional Gambler?

In the Tax Court case of Trieu M. Le, et ux. v. Commissioner TC Summary Opinion 2010-94 the IRS took the position that the taxpayer was a casual gambler and should have deducted his losses up to his winnings on Schedule A.  The taxpayer took the position that he was a professional gambler and accounted…


IRS Form 8332 Outweighs Divorce Decree Regarding Dependency Exemption

Section 152(e) of the tax code specifies how to determine the dependent status of children of divorced parents. This code section states that the noncustodial parent can claim the dependency exemption for a child when the custodial parent signs a written declaration that the custodial parent will not claim such child as a dependent for any taxable year beginning on the…