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Taxable and Non Taxable Settlements

I’ve been getting quite a few calls lately from taxpayers that have received ‘settlement’ money and are confused over the prospective tax ramifications of receiving such money.   The Internal Revenue Service recognizes that receiving a settlement award (amount) from a personal injury suit may create new tax issues for some individuals. The following information…


Millennium Multiple Employer Welfare Benefit Plan Settles with IRS

The Internal Revenue Service announced that it reached an agreement with the Millennium Multiple Employer Welfare Benefit Plan (Millennium Plan) which is presently the subject of a bankruptcy proceeding filed on June 9, 2010, in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Western District of Oklahoma (Case No. 10-13528).  Those disrespecting the Code have been brought down.…


Do You Have A Business? Or Is It A Hobby?

The IRS has developed a rule of thumb for analyzing business losses called the Hobby Loss Rule of Thumb that basically says if a business reports a net profit in 3 out of the last 5 years it is presumed to be a for-profit business. Similarly if a business reports a net loss in more than…


Amortization of Intangible Costs

Also commonly referred to as 197 Intangibles, the following costs must be amortized (deducted as an expense) over 15 years (180 months) starting with the later of (a) the month the intangibles were acquired or (b) the month the trade or business or activity engaged in for the production of income begins: Goodwill; Going concern…


Colorado Sales Tax Update

General Be mindful of your new tax account number. The Colorado Department of Revenue has moved sales tax into its new tax accounting system. The improved system allows the department to process and distribute taxes more efficiently and assist businesses better than the current system. As part of this change, tax account numbers went to eight digits.…


Summary, Deficiency and Jeopardy IRS Assessments

Collection of federal taxes starts with an assessment of tax due. The assessment serves two functions. It is the government’s mechanism for keeping records and recording a liability. The assessment, authorizing the government to collect, is equivalent to the final judgment that a general creditor must obtain to collect a debt. The IRS makes assessments…


Time Period for Collecting Taxes

By law, the IRS has the authority to collect outstanding Federal taxes for 10 years from the date your tax liability was assessed. The 10-year collection period is suspended: ●  while the IRS and the Ofice of Appeals consider a request for an installment agreement or an offer in compromise. ●  from the date you request a CDP hearing until Appeals…


IRS Centralized Insolvency Operation

Call 800-913-9358 to reach the Centralized Insolvency Operation. Hours are 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. eastern time. If the IRS is a creditor in a bankruptcy case, and you determine that IRS was not originally listed as a creditor, notification of the filing should be sent to IRS to prevent violations of the automatic stay. Send…


Financial Statements: Compilation Vs. Review (SSARS) No. 19

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending a tax conference sponsored by the Public Accountant Society of Colorado.  This particular topic presented by Dr. Pat Seaton of the University of Northern Colorado caught my attention.  The following is a compilation of my notes from this most excellent presentation on the difference between compiling a financial…


Sale Leaseback

From a tax perspective the fundamental issue is whether a legitimate business purpose exists for the formation of a distinct entity to do a sale leaseback. If one exists and this is pursued all elements of the transaction should meet an arms length standard and be at fair market value. For a sale-leaseback, the business…