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Foreign Earned Income Exclusion

Five important facts about the exclusion: The Foreign Earned Income Exclusion United States Citizens and resident aliens who live and work abroad may be able to exclude all or part of their foreign salary or wages from their income when filing their U.S. federal tax return. They may also qualify to exclude compensation for their…


IRS Audit Red Flags

The IRS has a computer program that targets certain tax returns for closer examination. It’s called Discriminant Inventory Function System (DIF) and it means that some deductions and credits are more likely to attract the government’s attention than others. Some of these may include: Business Use of Your Car Home Office Deductions High Itemized Deductions…


Disqualified Employment Tax Levy

Ack NAEA Generally, the IRS must advise taxpayers of its intent to levy or seize property before doing so. Taxpayers, in turn, have the right to appeal IRS’ intent to levy through a request for a collection due process hearing. Both of these subjects are treated in Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Sections 6320 and 6330.…


Farm Income and Deductions

If you are in the business of farming, there are a number of tax issues that you should consider before filing your federal tax return. Crop Insurance Proceeds You must include in income any crop insurance proceeds you receive as the result of crop damage. You generally include them in the year you receive them.…


IRS Penalties – facts

The tax filing deadline is approaching. If you don’t file your return and pay your tax by the due date you may have to pay a penalty. Here are nine things the IRS wants you to know about the two different penalties you may face if you do not pay or file on time. If…


Request IRS to Release Its Right to Redeem Property Secured by a Federal Tax Lien

There is no standard form available for an application for Requesting the United States to Release Its Right to Redeem Property Secured by a Federal Tax Lien. Prepare your request in the form of a typed letter and submit it with all accompanying documents to: IRS, Attn: Technical Services Advisory Group Manager (Address Application to…


How to Classify Worker – Independent Contractor or Employee

The IRS uses the common-law factors listed below to determine whether a worker is an independent contractor or an employee. All the factors below must be taken into consideration in determining worker classification Instructions. An employer should not tell an independent contractor how to do a job. Training. An employer should not provide substantial training…


Mark to market securities transactions IRS Revenue Proceedure 99-17

This revenue procedure provides the exclusive procedure for dealers in commodities and traders in securities or commodities to make an election to use the mark-to-market method of accounting under § 475(e) or (f) of the Internal Revenue Code. BACKGROUND Section 475(e) allows a dealer in commodities to elect mark-to-market accounting for commodities. Mark-to-market accounting under…