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Abusive Home-Based Business Tax Schemes – Misuse of the Law

The IRS has uncovered a number of schemes that claim to allow deductions for personal living expenses. Taxpayers should consider these points before investing in a possible abusive scheme: Any investment scheme or promotion that claims to allow a federal income tax deduction for normal personal expenses should be considered highly suspect A business must…


1099-A-Foreclose of house

When a house is foreclosed upon by the bank, the owners typically receive Form 1099-A from the lender showing several pieces of relevant information. The information on Form 1099-A will likely be needed to report the foreclosure properly on your tax return. A foreclosure is treated as the sale of property, and the former property…


Tax Exemption Questioned for Christian Congressional Man Cave

New York Times editorial, Render Unto C Street: It is not unusual for members of Congress to arrange group rentals in Washington to share housing costs and, for some, underline their continuing “outsider” status. What is highly unusual, and unjustifiable, is the tax-exempt status as a religious institution enjoyed by a boarding house called the…


Oddball Tax Deductions

ACK: Kiplinger 1. A sex-change operation. A man who felt he was a woman trapped in a male body was diagnosed with gender-identity disorder. This transgender taxpayer wanted to deduct almost $22,000 in out-of-pocket medical costs for multiple surgeries, including hormone therapy, sexual-reassignment surgeries and breast augmentation, in order to become a woman. In the…


Colorado Sales/Use tax exemptions eliminated/suspended

Recent legislative changes have eliminated the state sales and use tax exemption for certain items. These changes were developed by state lawmakers to help balance Colorado’s budget. The legislation has no effect on items that are either currently taxable or exempt from sales/use tax by local governments and local districts. All businesses that have Colorado…


First-Time Homebuyer Credit Documentation Requirements

The IRS recognizes that the settlement documents can vary from location to location, so here are five tips to clarify the documentation requirements. Settlement Statement: Purchasers of conventional homes must attach a copy of Form HUD-1 or other properly executed Settlement Statement. Properly Executed Settle Statement: Generally, a properly executed settlement statement shows all parties’…