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Tax implications of unemployment benefits

Taxpayers who received unemployment benefits in 2009 are entitled to a special tax break when they file their 2009 federal tax returns. This tax break is part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.  Here are five important facts the Internal Revenue Service wants you to know about your unemployment benefits. Unemployment compensation…


What income is taxable?

While most income you receive is generally considered taxable, there are some situations when certain types of income are partially taxed or not taxed at all. To ensure taxpayers are familiar with the difference between taxable and non-taxable income, the Internal Revenue Service offers these common examples of items that are not included in your…


Sex Change Surgery Is a Deductible Medical Expense (But Not Breast Augmentation)

Tax Court: In a long-awaited decision, a fractured (8-5-3) Tax Court today ruled in O’Donnabhain v. Commissioner, 134 T.C. No. 4 (Feb. 2, 2010), that male-to-female gender reassignment surgery qualifies as a deductible medical expense under § 213, reversing the IRS’s position in Chief Counsel Advice 200603025. The 8-judge majority held that: Taxpayer’s gender identity…


Aliens and ‘Taxation Without Representation’

Erin E. Stefonick (J.D. 2008, Florida Coastal) has published Note. Find 10 Fla. Coastal L. Rev. 691′ target=_blank>The Alienability of Alien Suffrage: Taxation Without Representation in 2009, 10 Fla. Coastal L. Rev. 691 (2009). Here is part of the Introduction: Individuals seeking admission to the United States presently face more economic difficulty than ever before.…


Governmant Retiree Credit

Certain government retirees who receive a government pension or annuity payment in 2009 may be eligible for the Government Retiree Credit. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 provides this one-time credit of $250 for certain federal and state pensioners. Here are seven things the IRS wants you to know about the Government Retiree…


IRS Global High Wealth Industry Group

The IRS last year launched the Global High Wealth Industry Group to centralize and focus IRS compliance expertise involving high wealth individuals and their related entities. They are rich. They must be witches! I know let’s burn them at the stake and if they live we will admit our errors. This is a game-changing strategy…