ObamaCare’s Health Insurance Premium Tax Credit Proposed Regulations

The Affordable Care Act or ObamaCare was passed almost three years ago with the goal of extending quality health insurance coverage to more Americans and it becomes fully effective January 1st 2014. To encourage compliance, the Act for all intents and purposes

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Disaster Losses Including Casualty and Theft IRS Publication 547 – IRS Form 4684

If you take one look at FEMA’s website, it’s clear that we are going to see a significant increase in the number of casualty losses going forward. Should you find yourself a victim of a disaster or a casualty or theft loss it is

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It has been QUITE a tax season! A Review of IRS Activity

According to the newly released 2012 IRS Data Book, the IRS collected almost $2.5 trillion in federal revenue and processed 237 million returns, of which almost 145 million were filed electronically. Out of the 146 million individual income tax returns filed,

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What is an Enrolled Agent (EA) and Why is this Designation Superior to Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

The Enrolled Agent (EA) is arguably the longest standing professional tax designation.  Although at times overshadowed by other tax professionals EA’s are the only federally licensed tax practitioners who specialize in taxation. The EA was established in 1884 when Congress

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IRS Publication 3 – Armed Forces Tax Guide

According to IRS Publication 3, Armed Forces’ Tax Guide, the Armed Forces Tax Council (AFTC) oversees the military tax programs offered worldwide. AFTC partners with the IRS to conduct outreach to military personnel and their families. This includes the Army, Air

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IRS Form 7004 Automatic Extension of Time To File Certain Business Income Tax, Information, and Other Returns.

If your corporation, partnership or estate operates on a calendar year basis the tax return is due March 15th which is coming up! If you need additional time to file tax returns for these entities file IRS Form 7004 which

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IRS Notice 2008-1 Health Insurance Costs of 2% Shareholder-Employees

Under IRS Notice 2008-1, if you are an owner of more than 2% of an S corporation and you have a health insurance policy in your name with premiums paid by the corporation basically a plan has been established by the corporation for you the

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Health Insurance Premium Tax Credit

The IRS has issued final regulations, TD 9611, relating to the health insurance premium tax credit enacted by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010. These final regulations provide guidance

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How to calculate stock and loan basis in an S Corp for tax purposes

If you are a shareholder of an S corporation you are responsible for keeping track of your own basis (investment value) in the S corporation of which you own shares. Tracking shareholder basis is usually not the S corporation’s responsibility. You can have stock basis and

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IRS Targets – Don’t Be One.

In 2013, the IRS will focus the significant majority of their enforcement budget and subsequent activity in my opinion on three specific areas: 1. Abusive transactions and under reported income on partnership returns (IRS Form 1065). 2. Officer compensation as

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