‘Green’ Tax Credits

When you invest in energy-efficient products, you may be saving money on both your energy bills and your tax return. The Internal Revenue Service wants you to know about these six energy-related tax credits created or expanded by the American

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Deducting Charitable Contributions

When preparing to file your federal tax return, don’t forget your contributions to charitable organizations. If you made qualified donations last year, you may be able to take a tax deduction if you itemize on IRS Form 1040, Schedule A.

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Husband and Wife Business

One of the advantages of operating your own business is hiring family members. However, the employment tax requirements for family employees may vary from those that apply to other employees. How spouses earn Social Security benefits A spouse is considered

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Small Business Health Care Tax Credit Summary with examples

The new health reform law gives a tax credit to certain small employers that provide health care coverage to their employees, effective with tax years beginning in 2010. The following questions and answers provide information on the credit as it

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Check eligibility for tax credits, deductions and payments

Taxpayers can check their eligibility for these credits and deductions on the IRS Web site at IRS.gov/recovery. This special section also contains instructions on how to claim the available tax incentives and provides answers to frequently asked questions. Detailed information

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Innocent Spouse Relief (And Separation of Liability and Equitable Relief)

Many married taxpayers choose to file a joint tax return because of certain benefits this filing status allows. Both taxpayers are jointly and severally liable for the tax and any additions to tax, interest, or penalties that arise as a

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Foreign Earned Income Exclusion

Five important facts about the exclusion: The Foreign Earned Income Exclusion United States Citizens and resident aliens who live and work abroad may be able to exclude all or part of their foreign salary or wages from their income when

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IRS Audit Red Flags

The IRS has a computer program that targets certain tax returns for closer examination. It’s called Discriminant Inventory Function System (DIF) and it means that some deductions and credits are more likely to attract the government’s attention than others. Some

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501(c)3 Tax Exempt Entity creation

Just as with all other types of business organizations, a certificate of incorporation must be drafted and filed with the secretary of state. In this document the organizers must come to a mutual agreement as to the purpose(s) of forming

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Disqualified Employment Tax Levy

Ack NAEA Generally, the IRS must advise taxpayers of its intent to levy or seize property before doing so. Taxpayers, in turn, have the right to appeal IRS’ intent to levy through a request for a collection due process hearing.

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