Bartering – Some tax tips

In today’s economy, small-business owners sometimes look to the oldest form of commerce — the exchange of goods and services, or bartering. The Internal Revenue Service wants to remind small-business owners that bartering transactions generally have associated tax reporting, accounting

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Tips for Year End Donations

WASHINGTON — Individuals and businesses making contributions to charity should keep in mind several important tax law provisions that have taken effect in recent years. Some of these changes include the following: Special Charitable Contributions for Certain IRA Owners This

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New Tax Court Ruling on Deducting Cost of an MBA

The Tax Court yesterday allowed a nurse to deduct the cost of an M.B.A. degree from the University of Phoenix. Singleton-Clarke v. Commissioner, T.C. Summ. Op. 2009-182 (Dec. 2, 2009) (citations omitted): Petitioner began taking courses at the University of

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IRS 2010 Standard Mileage Rates

The Internal Revenue Service today issued the 2010 optional standard mileage rates used to calculate the deductible costs of operating an automobile for business, charitable, medical or moving purposes. Beginning on Jan. 1, 2010, the standard mileage rates for the

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1st Time Home Buyer Credit Facts

If you are in the market for a new home, you may still be able to claim the First-Time Homebuyer Credit. Congress recently passed The Worker, Homeownership and Business Assistance Act Of 2009, extending the First-Time Homebuyer Credit and expanding

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IRS mandated new security, privacy, and Business Standards

The IRS has mandated six (6) new security, privacy, and business standards to better serve taxpayers and protect their information collected, processed and stored by Online Providers of individual income tax returns. Individual income tax returns generally refer to the

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Projected Revenue from Marijuana Tax

There has been much commentary on the revenue that could be raised by legalizing and taxing marijuana: American Journal of Economics and Sociology, Potential Tax Revenue From a Regulated Marijuana Market: A Meaningful Revenue Source Business Week, Legalize Marijuana for

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5 year N.O.L. carry back expands

Large and midsized companies can now take advantage of expanded net operating loss carryback rules to use the losses they incurred during the economic downturn to reduce their income from prior tax years. The Worker, Homeownership and Business Assistance Act

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Car Sales Tax Deduction for 2009 Only

People who buy a new car, motorcycle, truck or other vehicle can deduct the entire amount of sales tax paid (up to the first $49,500 of purchase price) either as an itemized deduction or as an addition to their standard

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American Opportunity Credit for Undergraduates

A new tax credit for students attending the first four-years of college. The credit is worth up to $2,500, 40% of which is refundable (meaning it can increase your tax refund even if you have zero tax liability). This new

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