US Taxpayer Identification Number; Attn London, Paris, & Frankfurt: IRS Form W-7

IRS assistance is 'advertised' as being available to help you prepare your IRS Form W-7. If like the majority of the other people on this planet you haven't found the instructions worth their salt the IRS advises that you call 1-800-829-1040. BAHOOT!

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Worthless Partnership Interests & Intangible Assets

We each value our limited time on this planet in our present life forms differently based on what "things" are "worth" to us. If you really believe you "need" some "thing" you might find yourself going to the end of the

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Why to Revoke An S Election and How to Do It – Internal Revenue Code Section 1362(d); Reg § 1.1362­6(a)

Many entrepreneurs get caught up in selecting the "most appropriate business structure" - particularly people planning to conquer the moon right out of the gate. If this is you beware as business structure is a determination that is best driven out

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Defining Small Employer with Regards to Offering Health Insurance

Many business owners of all sizes have been posting to this blog lately with concerns about offering minimum essential health insurance coverage for their employees. It is indeed a complex topic full of both pitfalls and opportunities. When you drill down into the

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Meal Expense – Navigating Between Internal Revenue Code Sections 162, 274, 132; IRS Technical Advice Memorandum 200030001; and, Churchill Downs v. Commissioner

As per usual I'm swimming in areas where the tax code is seemingly at odds. The latest matter across my desk regards meals and entertainment (M&E) expense. These are the two questions at hand: Specifically at what point does a meeting expense

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IRS Expert Interface for Locating Documents

This directory listing is considered an expert interface to locating PDF documents from the IRS concerning: Notices Announcements Guides Revenue Procedures Revenue Rulings Tread lightly!

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Richard S. Leyh et ux. v. Commissioner – Contemporaneous Log Detailing Rental Property Activity Permissible in Defining Real Estate Professional for Income Tax Purposes

Richard S. Leyh et ux. v. Commissioner (T.C. Summ. Op. 2015-27) details a case in which a taxpayer could revise her contemporaneous log of daily rental property activity and qualify as a real estate professional for income tax reporting purposes.

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Automatic Extension Request of Time to File Personal Income Taxes: IRS Form 4868

Income tax forms and payment are due AGAIN. Don't sweat it, file IRS Form 4868 today! Remember this is an Automatic 6 month Extension Request for time to file IRS Form 1040 only. It is not an extension of time to

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Turbo Tax vs. Licensed Tax Professional

It is a rare occasion that guests are allowed to write for this blog but when they do it is ALWAYS worth reading. The following is a guest post from my friend and all around great guy, Andy Stadler about the

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