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How much can you deduct for the gently used goods donated to charity?

Without a doubt one of the best ways for us middle-class folks to reduce our income tax burden is to donate charitably with intent. Most of my clients find themselves pleasantly surprised at the tax benefits received when they go

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With a CLAT, CLUT here and a CRAT, CRUT there – Old MacDonald had a Trust EIEIO: IRC 641-692 & IRS Form 1041

The one thing stopping good people from engaging the full force and effect of tax and estate planning using trust instruments is the language. Acronyms make it hard to understand what lawyers are saying and most of us simply put

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Donor Advised Funds IRC §4966

In my last post about how year end tax planning starts with reassessing one's commitment to charitable donations I mentioned that my Mom donated her appreciated shares of Exon Mobile to a Donor Advised Fund (DAF). Many readers had questions

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Year End Tax Planning Starts with a Charitable Donation Assessment How Do You PLAN to Give Back Next Year?

The more money we tend to have, the harder it tends to be to share our resources with others. This is true up to the point we start to appreciate the significance of giving back. For many this tipping point

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General Tax Benefits of Charitably Giving

Warren Buffet released certain claims made on his 2015 personal income tax return in a statement released by Business Wire, A Berkshire Hathaway Company. It is worth noting his remarkable generosity. Check out these figures: adjusted gross income - $11,563,931

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Types of Charitable Contributions and the Most Common Way a Charitable Contribution Can Be Made

While working on the St. Peter 2016/17 Stewardship Campaign it became very clear to me that some very smart endowed good people simply do not know about the various types of charitable contributions that can be created or even simply how

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S – Corp Charitable Donations

The most intriguing aspect of maintaining this tax blog is the pleasure of meeting and engaging a wide variety of successful people all with the courage to take the risk of venturing out on their own professionally in pursuit of

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IRS Criminal Investigation Annual Report

IRS Criminal Investigation (CI) released its Annual Report for fiscal 2012. Investigations initiated (5,125) and prosecution recommendations were both up in fiscal 2012 compared to the prior year. Filings of indictments and other charging documents rose 13 percent. Meanwhile, convictions and

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American Taxpayer Relief Act 2012

The American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 makes permanent many otherwise expiring tax provisions. The following is my summary of what I believe to be relevant provisions: Ordinary income above a certain threshold is taxed at a higher rate. The

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The ‘Fiscal Cliff’ and Your Tax Obligations

Our esteemed President has proven to me to be extraordinarily disingenuous with his statements about the middle class and their purported tax obligations as pretty much everyone's taxes will go up in 2013 as a direct result of the cumulative

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