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What the IRS Doesn't Tell You...
How you can defend yourself from the IRS without paying exorbitant fees.



Tax Resolution
Resolving tax matters with the IRS and state taxing authorities, I work for you, the taxpayer.

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What is an Enrolled Agent
An Enrolled Agent (EA) is a federally-authorized tax practitioner who has...



“John was president of a large (200+ member) non-profit I was a member of. I was a volunteer captain of the Men's program at that time, and subsequently a board member. The position John was in required facilitating lengthy negotiations between multiple parties and managing resolutions where possible, understanding different parties interests and also some amount of "primary school teacher" (i.e. breaking up us squabbling kids!). John did a great job of all of that. Lastly, it also required a huge sacrifice of personal time, where the president is effectively on call to address problems and required dedication to the concept of volunteering to further a goal: accessible rowing and racing in Minneapolis. So if you are looking for a selfless, dedicated worker who can handle dispute resolution and won't give up in getting to the finish line, I can recommend John.”

Sean Hundtofte, CFA, Analyst, Värde Partners, Inc.

Lorman Distinguished Faculty Member

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