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Tax Articles

Sale Leaseback

From a tax perspective the fundamental issue is whether a legitimate business purpose exists for the formation of a distinct entity to do a sale leaseback. If one exists and this is pursued all elements of the transaction should meet an arms length standard and be at fair market value. For a sale-leaseback, the business…


Business Ownership Succession Planning

Consideration 1: Selling your business interest outright. When you sell your business interest to a family member or someone else, you receive cash (or assets you can convert to cash) that can be used to maintain your lifestyle or pay your estate taxes. You choose when to sell—now, at your retirement, at your death, or anytime in between. As long…


American Opportunity Credit

Under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), more parents and students will qualify over the next two years for a tax credit, the American opportunity credit, to pay for college expenses. The American opportunity credit is not available on the 2008 returns taxpayers are filing during 2009. The new credit modifies the existing Hope…


How to Account for Net Operating Loss when Merging Entities

You can merge both a profitable entity with an entity that has a Net Operating Loss assuming that both entities have common ownership or sufficient overlap and a limited history of owner shifts. The Net Operating Loss of the dissolved entity can be utilized for the surviving entity according to Section 381 of the Internal…


IRS has an UPDATED Offer-In-Compromise Form

The IRS has revised Form 656, Offer in Compromise. When submitting an offer use the March 2011 revision of Form 656. Beginning July 5, the IRS will not accept outdated forms. If an offer is submitted on an outdated form, the IRS will return it. Here’s the rub though, the IRS will only return Form…


Tax Strategy Patents + Patent Applications

I am opposed to all tax strategy patents.  They are bad public policy and harmful to taxpayers and their advisers.  No one should have a monopoly on part of the tax code and no taxpayer should be subject to paying royalties or lawsuits for using a legal way to comply with the tax code. The…


How to Properly Close Down Your Business

Closing down your business is hard and heart breaking and if you are at the point that you are actually reading this post then people have probably been nagging you for money and you are at the end of your rope.  You worked hard to create opportunity for yourself as an entrepreneur but if the…


How to become a Certifying IRS ITIN Acceptance Agent

An Acceptance Agent is a person or an entity (business or organization) who, pursuant to a written agreement with the IRS, is authorized to assist individuals and other foreign persons who do not qualify for a Social Security Number but who still need a Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) to process a Form 1040 and other…


What is an Abusive Tax Shelter?

An abusive tax shelter generally offers inflated tax savings which are disproportionately greater than your actual investment placed at risk. Usually you invest money to generate income or capital appreciation but an abusive tax shelter generates little or no income or capital appreciation, and/or the tax shelter exists primarily to reduce taxes unreasonably for tax…


Small Business Health Insurance Credits-Patient Protection-Affordable Care Act 2010

The Tax Credit for Employee Health Insurance Expenses of Small Employers is part of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act which was signed into law in March of 2010.  The Act makes a credit available to small employers who pay at least 50% of the cost of qualifying health care coverage for their employees.…