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Published Articles

What the IRS Doesn’t Tell You…
How you can defend yourself from the IRS without paying exorbitant fees.


Tax Resolution
Resolving tax matters with the IRS and state taxing authorities, I work for you, the taxpayer.

Help is Here

What is an Enrolled Agent
An Enrolled Agent (EA) is a federally-authorized tax practitioner who has…

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Directly Contact John via email John@JohnRDundon.com or call 720.234.1177

Tax Article Archives

Read about some of John’s more memorable experiences navigating the conflicting sections of the Internal Revenue Code.

John R Dundon's Head Shot - President, Taxpayer Advocacy Services inc.

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John R. Dundon II EA
@JohnRDundonSep 22
The TRM Forensics tool offers unique web based capabilities not found elsewhere, like cross-chain analysis tracing… https://t.co/JQ1gytco7W
John R. Dundon II EA
@JohnRDundonSep 21
IRS Officer Graham ID # 1001306323 - I'm talking to your Territory Manager - you need a serious mental health break… https://t.co/TbUHnMTr0v
John R. Dundon II EA
@JohnRDundonSep 21
RT @TaxNotes: Although the #IRS’s latest priority guidance plan doesn’t mention a project regarding the application of the loss trafficking…

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